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Some News
tireanavi wrote in tothehometree

Greetings all,

I have some wonderful news to share with you all. Those of you who follow me on Twitter (thank you) are surely already aware - after two years of trying, my beautiful partner is finally pregnant. We are so overjoyed and happy - we have yet to share the special news with our families and friends. I felt that I should share this wonderful thing with my kith and kin on tothehometree first.

We have sat down and talked about it and we have decided to raise the child according to Na'vi ways. The child will be taught Na'vi philosophy and Na'vi history, Na'vi ideaologies and the Na'vi faith system. My partner does not identify as a Na'kin herself, but she supports me in my feelings and beliefs and as such agrees that this is the correct and right thing to do. I cannot wait to teach our child about Eywa and the beauty of living as one with nature. My partner did put her foot down at the dressing our child in blue clothes and turning down the heating so that their skin has a light blue tinge, however, and on reflection I agree that this was not a good idea. When they are old enough, I will show them the film and show them where I came from and where I lived before living on this planet.

At any rate, please wish us all the best on our journey as parents. I will be sure to keep you all updated.

Edit: Hello, Failblog.org

(Deleted comment)
Many thanks. :) Eywa is truly great.

You child will be very lucky to have you and your partner as parents. :)

If you could somehow contrive to have your child be born with Methemoglobinemia, he or she could have blue skin like the Fugates from Kentucky!

Isn't that disease, um...bad?

Ooooh congratulations!

I hope the pregnancy goes well and both your partner and the baby is and remains in good health!

Eywa pxengahu!

oo congrats and raising the child to be One with all nature all beings is the best way to go. Not like todays world...

(Deleted comment)
does it make you feel good, being a clever asshole? did it give you a warm fuzzy feeling to post a snappy one liner comment and leave? make you feel like a ninja?

noob, you're like one of those people that waves crazily at a rolling camera that's filming someone famous and important in a public area. you're trying to get in on this - thing - and look cool by having commented and ripped the Na'vi kin, cool by association and cool by being a dick to someone

newsflash: this guy is a troll, you're an idiot, stop trying to get in on something like a noob on a bandwagon.

Colloidal Silver. That'll turn 'em blue.

Congratulations on your child. :)

Would you raise your child to be Na'vi or teach them about the Na'vi?

I have not seen the movie...but it seams to me that navi ways is more or less Native American ways. Or amazon natives, and many more natives all around the world.

it came as a massive shock to me that james cameron-his name is james- would be unoriginal

Serious question:
How did you live on a planet, before this life, that does not actually exist, and was not actually known to anyone until this movie came out last December?

Never mind, I found my answer.

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I am calling CPS on you, and writing to LiveJournal begging for your IP address so we can track your deranged ass down and remove that poor child from what is clearly an unstable environment.

you fucking idiot he's a troll.

fucking idiot.


hey look, someone who actually has a brain.

Your child will most likely hate you forever when he/she realizes that her parents are huge losers.