Greetings everybody, I hope I find you well.

First, an explanation! With regards to where I have been, specifically - as some of you may know already from my Twitter feed (if you do not follow me at the moment I encourage you to do so) my partner and I have been travelling around visiting family and friends and telling them the good news of our pregnancy. My partner in particular has many siblings spread throughout the country and as such we have stayed in a variety of places over the last few weeks. The news has been well-received and we have been warmly congratulated, much to our delight.

Secondly, an update on my partner's progress - she is currently doing very well. She is full of life and vigor, and the various medical appointments have also gone smoothly. I will keep you all posted as everything develops.

Now, to the community; I would like to say a few things. My fine moderators have been wonderful stewards of the community during my absence; in this I must thank them and express my gratitude. I would like to extend a warm welcome to the new members of the community, also, and say a big "hello, I see you" to all the various sites - blogs, journals, forums, podcasts, YouTube videos - who have been discussing and documenting our community and what goes on here. Also, I would like to emphasize that posts to the community are still being moderated, and will continue to be moderated for the foreseeable future; we are a community that emphasizes tolerance and stresses acceptance and equality; as such we will not permit any facism or racism to be rained upon our members. Rules and an FAQ have still to be drawn up and posted at a later date, if you have any ideas for these or would like to see anything in specific, feel free to mention your opinions in the comments section. We appreciate constructive feedback.

On to the subject of today - today, we have a discussion prompt for you. Today's entry discusses the subject of Na'vinity. Na'vini'ty is a new term, coined by I, Shey'bu - what it is is a word that is not easy to define, indeed it is almost indefinable in that it is a word that means many things and describes an abstract concept and a feeling personal to the individual. The way Na'vinity is experienced differs inherently from individual to individual. It is a state of being, something understood in a fluid way and retained in the mind.

For simplicity's sake and ease of discussion, I have decided to provide a working definition for this term.

Na'vinity [noun]:
Na'vi identity in human form; the expression of said identity;
the experience of being Na'vi and all that it entails; an abstract concept referring to the state of existence of being Na'vi;
a state of being; that which refers to being a Na'vi in mind and soul.
synonyms: divinity, identity

As I have said, Na'vinity is not a term or a concept which may be summed up in such a short paragraph. However, I have provided this definition for practical working purposes. I hope that it does not diminish the status of Na'vinity in your minds and would urge you to recall the primary synonym. Here at this point I would like to emphasize that I am the creator of this term and that it is copyright to me - any uses of it you may find via search engines such as "Google" are illicit and unjust.

What does your Na'vinity mean to you? How would you define it? How does it relate to your experiences? What are the primary ways through which you express your Na'vinity?


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Pinch Punch...

 ... first day of the month! ;D ... Okay so I know that's too late for everyone pretty much, but hey!

Since we haven't had a post submitted for a while, I thought I'd get the ball rolling again.

What a Difference a Film Makes!

So, members and non-members alike, if you've seen the film Avatar, has it changed how you view the world and it's flora and fauna? Are you doing anything differently in your day to day life? Do you think this a good or bad thing? Are there any films that have affected you in a positive way (not necessarily to do with the environment)? 

Lastly,  because I'm a massive nerd -  would you prefer to watch all films in 3D, 2D (1D(!)) or dependent on the film? Any particular reasons?

Answer what you feel like and feel free to go off on a tangent!

A quick note, submissions to this comm are under moderation. However, that doesn't mean you can't submit! If you have anything you want the comm to discuss or see then feel free to submit it :). The only ones that don't get put up are inflammatory posts.

Cheers, m'dears!

Hello all

I just wanted to poke my head out and say Hi. Having found this place, I finally, after all these years, can say that I hope to have found a small home among all of you.
Perhaps am explanation of who I am would be in order.
I am Taw. I believe, and have for a long time, that inside, I was something different. Something inhuman. I have had countless... countless dreams about flying, about hunting as this great thing. I could never really describe it, and I was afraid my parents would try to send me to a mental hospital if I told them the truth. By the time I was 15, I was pretty firm in my belief of who, or rather, what I was within. Still, at that time, I couldn't deal with my parents, I still can't... that is an issue I suppose I will solve on my own. I was unable to tell anyone about what I believed. No one would have believed it. No one would have had any idea at all what to think of me if I had told them I was this weird pterodacty-dragon thing... I mean... there was no word for it. No animal, to my knowledge, had ever existed like it... not on Earth anyway.
And so the years went on. I kept my secret to myself, and pretended to be normal. There would be no place for me, though who I was, what... I was inside... I knew that could never change.
Then 2009 came. Avatar came. And there it was. It wasn't me, of course. No computer-generated image of some work of fiction could really capture the species as it is, though it was close, very close. Many times I felt that, during the film, I was re-living countless dreams of flying. It was enough to just bring tears to my eyes. I went back 11 times to see it... it was a lot of money... but it was all worth it, to re-live it like that.
I chose the name Taw for simplicity. I feel it is interesting, and I feel that it fits me well. It may not be a Toruk name, necessarily, as the language of such a thing is merely comprised of animal noises and body posturing... but it is a word of kifkey Eywa'evengä.

Anyhow. I hope I have not intruded into places I should not have.
Peace be with you all.


Being Aware of Consequences

Originally posted elsewhere, I'm moving it here in the hopes that it'll be read

Kaltxì, oel ayngati kameie ma tsmuk.
(Hello, I see you, brothers/sisters.)

I will not tell you that you are not Na'vi-kin (though that's my personal belief), but I will ask that you consider the greater consequences of your actions.

Fans are concerned because of the bad rap we're getting just from language-learning and post-Avatar blues. Even assuming that you are indeed kin with the Na'vi, you must admit that "I am the reincarnation of a fictional species from a 1-month-old movie" sounds a great deal weirder and obsessive than simply learning the language or wishing you lived somewhere as pretty as Pandora.

That kind of bad publicity harms all of us. I will not ask that you stop claiming your spiritual connection with the Na'vi nor would I ever try to suggest that you give up related things like the worship and adoration of Eywa. What I WILL ask is that you think carefully before speaking, particularly if you ever want to be taken seriously.

I'll be sure to stop by again to answer any questions or replies.

Eywa ayngahu. For I do truly wish that the essence that is Eywa, and that which you so respect, goes with you and guides you home.

Couple of decent art sites for those wanting to see fan art

To the community,

Here are a couple links to sites which many may like to go through in their spare time.

Fur Affinity - Many furry artists will post their work here as a preference. You'll see many Avatar based art, just use the search. Adult artwork is restricted by default, one must first log in and set their birth date.

Deviant Art - A general art site, many furry artists do post their work there

Some News

Greetings all,

I have some wonderful news to share with you all. Those of you who follow me on Twitter (thank you) are surely already aware - after two years of trying, my beautiful partner is finally pregnant. We are so overjoyed and happy - we have yet to share the special news with our families and friends. I felt that I should share this wonderful thing with my kith and kin on tothehometree first.

We have sat down and talked about it and we have decided to raise the child according to Na'vi ways. The child will be taught Na'vi philosophy and Na'vi history, Na'vi ideaologies and the Na'vi faith system. My partner does not identify as a Na'kin herself, but she supports me in my feelings and beliefs and as such agrees that this is the correct and right thing to do. I cannot wait to teach our child about Eywa and the beauty of living as one with nature. My partner did put her foot down at the dressing our child in blue clothes and turning down the heating so that their skin has a light blue tinge, however, and on reflection I agree that this was not a good idea. When they are old enough, I will show them the film and show them where I came from and where I lived before living on this planet.

At any rate, please wish us all the best on our journey as parents. I will be sure to keep you all updated.

Edit: Hello,

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It's time to chow down!

Language of the Na’vi


So, the Na’vi language: what do you think of it, and are you planning to learn it?

I’ve been studying it obsessively for the last two weeks, and I think it’s awesome - sounds really good, and has a fairly simple, though still appealingly exotic, grammar. I especially like how it handles the verbs. Conjugation done via infixes is very elegant, and produces good-sounding combinations mostly, though it makes the verb roots somewhat difficult to recognize in oral speech. Besides, the free word order and the way prepositions work both allow for a great freedom of expression.

Also, concerning those of the Na’vi kin here, who adhere to the ‘past life memories’ theory: isn’t it reasonable to suppose that learning and speaking the language will help unlock these memories further? (I personally don’t believe in the past lives or reincarnation, except in a Jungian sense, but that’s a topic for another time, I guess).

P.S. A great resource for learning the Na’vi tongue, with a very enthusiastic and dedicated community is (though you probably know about it already).

P.P.S. You can listen to the Na'vi spoken by the language's creator, Paul Frommer, here: This site also hosts a petition to Dr. Frommer to continue developing the language and sharing it with us. Please find time to sign it, if you haven't done so already!

A well-meant introduction

Greetings all,
My name is Dan, and I come to your group in order to learn more about your kind.
I was not aware of Na'vi kin until very recently, a few weeks ago, and while I can comprehend the whats, hows and whys (I am a type of otherkin, though I dislike the term due to the associations, and fully understand a connection to peoples of other realities deemed fiction in this universe, particularly non-Terrans), I don't entirely understand *being* one of them.
So what I ask, with the utmost respect and politeness, is to learn more about your people. Any information is fully appreciated. I am not here to mock, merely to extend my learning.
Thank you for your patience,
Dan Felis.
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General message

To all Internet Psychologists, Concerned Mothers, and others:

I would like to encourage the posting of messages which are supportive, discursive, or constructive. We do not mind polite discussision or curious questioning. There is, however, a line; the difference between friendly debate and bashing and flames. This kind of comment - the destructive, the insulting, the unhelpful, the outright attack - the difference is distinct and pronounced. It will not be permitted and as much as it pains me, you will be banned.
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Time as expressed in mortal consciousness

I find it interesting that this group seems to threaten some people so deeply. What does the belief that one is linked to the Na’vi do to harm someone else? It leaves me puzzled.

I would like to place a thought out there for your consideration. Time, as we observe it, is not necessarily how events in the greater sense actually occur. We see time as a string of pearls, happening in order, one event after another, inflexible and moving in only one direction. Many theorists instead see time as a bowl of pearls, many touching many, which happen in order from one perspective, but in a different order from another perspective. My point is that you may not be actually experiencing memory in your link with the Na’vi, but instead it may be a form of prophecy or pre-history.

I also wonder that in the billions of stars, does not some race like the Na’vi exist?

I may not be “of the tree”, but I loved the movie and will enjoy and support your growth as a group.